Tips from the Teacher!

Our upcoming series leader, Jon Paschal, called today to give some tips and acknowledged that the first week’s “homework” may seem a little daunting!  As always, we encourage FMMF participants to come regardless if you’ve done the reading and questions ahead of time.  You will always draw something from the engaging discussions.

Also, Jon recommended using the Bible website / app,, to support your readings.  This is a great website and mobile app that allows the user to toggle between different versions of scripture (NIV, The Message, King James, etc.)

Good luck and we’ll see you in fellowship in the morning!

Beginning a New Series on Fatherhood

This week, we’ll start a new series titled “God’s Model for Fatherhood”.  Our own Jon Paschal has created a great 6-week curriculum that will focus each week on a different Biblical attribute that helps us measure ourselves as fathers.  Our initial week looks at the attribute of “God’s Presence”.

The Resources link on the upper right of the Home page will store each week’s overview document.  Also posted in the Resources page is an overview of the study.

Join us this week to kick off the new series!  We meet in the front parlor room of the Cornwell Center on Selwyn Avenue.  Gather between 7:30 am – 7:45 am, ready to dig into our lesson at 7:45 am.  BYOC…..bring your own coffee!


What Matters Most?

Appropriately, our final chapter in our current study of “LEAD for God’s Sake” is titled, “What Matters Most“.

This week, Mike will wrap up our study with a summary of the book’s key points.  Group members will be asked to reflect on “what matters most” to them.  Did the book change your outlook on what matters most?  Did the book alter your view on what you should be chasing versus what you ARE chasing?

In celebration of the conclusion of our study and the kickoff of a new curriculum, we’ll have Duck Donuts and Starbucks coffee.

See you this Friday in fellowship.  Gather at 7:30 am at The Cornwell Center.  Ready to go at 7:45 am, before the coffee and donuts get cold!


The Finish Line is Near!

Two more weeks to go on our current study.  Jon Pascal leads us this week with Chapters 18 through 22.  Then we’ll wrap up the study the following Friday, 10/21, with Mike closing out the book.

So what’s next, you might be asking?  Jon will give us a teaser this week on what he’ll introduce for our next series.  I won’t steal any of his thunder, but safe to say, it’s going to be a fantastic, focused message that all our men will appreciate.  I can’t wait for you to hear what Jon has planned!

Pencil in Friday, NOV 4th on your calendars as well.  We won’t meet for FMMF that day.  Instead, I’d like for as many of our men to volunteer at the Charlotte Men’s Shelter from 5 am – 7 am that morning.  I know it’s EARLY…but this ministry is in dire need for help.  Jason Schubert has volunteered there many times and can probably answer any questions at FMMF this week.  I’ll have details as well.

OCT 14:  Chapter 18 – Chapter 22 (44 pages):  Jon

OCT 21:  Chapter 23 – Chapter 25 and afterward:  Mike

OCT 28:  NEW Study Series:  Jon

NOV 4:  No FMMF.  Volunteer at Charlotte Men’s Shelter (5 am – 7 am)

We welcomed one new FMMF attendee last week, but our “table” still has many open seats.  Consider having the conversation with someone you know and invite him to FMMF soon.  With the start of a new series, it’s a great time for someone new to jump right in!

I’ll see you in fellowship this Friday.  Gather at 7:30 am with our lesson starting at 7:45 am.


Batten Down the Hatches!


Hurricane Matthew has its sights on the eastern seaboard over the next few days and even though Charlotte is hundreds of miles from the coastline, we’re making some adjustments to FMMF this Friday!  Aaron was scheduled to lead our study this week however his wife, Michelle, (an Army Blackhawk pilot) has been activated for potential storm support.  Aaron will be managing the Harper household while Michelle is deployed.  So, once again we’re calling an audible at the line and Mike will step in to lead this week’s lesson; chapters 14-17.

We’re coming to (arguably) a turning point in our story this week.  Coach learns about forgiveness and reconciliation.  His players are a little shocked to say the least.  And I bet they are initially very suspicious.  Coach calls the players together and writes on the whiteboard:


We’ll talk about this on Friday.

Please keep those in the hurricane’s path in your prayers these next few days as well as those, like Michelle, who will be called to serve those impacted.

See you on Friday in fellowship.  Gather at 7:30 am, ready to dig-in at 7:45 am.