Recap of Uganda Mission Trip

Gents…this week, we’re taking a break from our book in order to hear Mike’s recap of his 10-day mission trip to Uganda.  So, put the book down this week and come prepared to hear “the good, the bad….and the amazing”!

Next week, we’ll pick back up with Chapter 7 of the current series.

Oh, and don’t forget that this Wednesday is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of our Lenten Season!

Gather at The Cornwell Center beginning at 7:30 am.  Mike will share his stories and pictures of Bududa, Uganda promptly starting at 7:45 am.


Two Weeks Ahead of Time…..Uganda-be Kidding me!

I’m excited and a little nervous about heading out to Uganda this week for mission work at the Bududa Learning Center.  Excited about what lies ahead….nervous about a host of things…..but putting all my fears in God’s hands……am going to do my best to “walk the walk”, as this group has taught each other time and time again!

But enough about me……

Sending a reminder for this Friday’s and next Friday’s lessons:

FEB 14:  Read Chapter 5, “Risk is Right…..”  Leader is David Parker

FEB 21:  Read Chapter 6, “The Goal of Life….” Leader is Jason Schubert

Both lessons will be at The Cornwell Center; 7:30 am gather.  7:45 am “show time”!

We still need leaders for Chapters 7, 8, and 9 (FEB 28, MAR 6, and MAR 13 respectively).  Sign up here:

Have a great two weeks!  I’ll see you when we gather on FEB 28.


Power’s Out….but We’re On!

Big storms hit Charlotte today, knocking out a lot of electricity for hundreds of folks, including yours truly!  But I’m thankful for a safe home, a dry bed, and many blessings!  (But God, a little electricity so my boys will stop stressing about their homework, please!)

Rob Miller will lead us this week on Chapter 4 of our current study. He promises lots of interesting insights… know….”nuggets” in his terms!

So whether you’re reading tonight by candlelight or you’re ahead of the game and already read the chapter, or if neither of those apply, we’ll see you in the morning. Cornwell Center, 7:30 am to chat; 7:45 am for “nuggets”!

Stay safe, Charlotte!