The End…(of our study)….is Near!

This Friday we’ll put a nice silk bow on our study of Rev. John Piper’s, “Don’t Waste Your Life”.  It’s been a great read, I think….lots to ponder as we wrap this week.

We’ll gather via Zoom per earlier messages.  Please login at 7:45 am ET….if you need any help, please consult the “Zoom” page on this website.

When you get to the “Join a Meeting” tab, the Meeting ID for tomorrow is:  933 121 523

For the next two Fridays after this week, I’ve added a special “Easter and the Resurrection series (Parts 1 and 2)” that we’ll also do via Zoom.  More on those later.  Jon Paschal will lead Part 2, and I’m working on a “special guest” for Part 1.  Stay tuned on that one!

Until tomorrow, be safe!  I’ll “see” everyone at 7:45 am ET on Friday.


Wrapping Up and Looking Ahead….!

This week, we’ll be wrapping up our series on the book, “Don’t Waste Your Life” by John Piper.  Chapter 10 is your assignment for this week.  Please come to our “virtual gathering” with your thoughts on the book:

  • What chapter and/or theme stands out most to you?
  • How will you take some of Piper’s concepts and apply it to your life?
  • What questions do you still have about not “wasting your life?”

As with last week, our gathering will take place using Zoom.  Zoom meetings for our group will kick off promptly at 7:45 am ET and conclude around 8:30 am ET or so.  Mike will be leading this week’s lesson.

We’ve created a page on the Starting Friday website that walks you step-by-step using Zoom.  Please note the meeting number for this week is: 933 121 523

CLICK HERE for the Zoom Instructions page or simply CLICK the image below.


Action 1: Looking ahead, please purchase your copy of the book, “Sticky Faith” by Dr. Kara Powell and Dr. Chap Clark.  We’ll start that 8 week series on April 17th.

Action 2:  Please pick a Friday or two to lead a chapter of the new series at our SIGN UP GENIUS page.

Two Week Series: Easter and the Resurrection, Parts 1 and 2

I’ve added a two part “quick” series for us to meet and talk about the Easter message.

  • Part 1 will be on Friday, April 3rd (Matthew 27: 32-61).
  • Part 2 will be on Friday, April 10th (Matthew 27: 62-66 and Matthew 28: 1-10, 16-20)

Leaders needed for both days…..leaders focus on those scripture passages and come prepared to lead the Zoom discussions.  Sign up at our SIGN UP GENIUS page.

Lastly, given the current restrictions on gatherings, we’ll continue to meet weekly via Zoom through the end of April.  I’m optimistic that we’ll be back meeting in person by the beginning of May.  Of course, we’ll be flexible on when we can gather in person.

“See” everyone this Friday!


Nearing the Finish Line Tape….!

We’ve got two chapters to go….and who would have thought we’d be in the situation we’re in now….when we first started the book!  COVID-19 (aka “the coronavirus”) has changed our world, temporarily, and more than likely, for a long time!  We will get through this…..!

Given the constraints and guidelines on social distancing, we’re going to have “online” gatherings for the next couple of weeks.  Separately, you should have received an email from me on using for video conferencing meetings this Friday.  If you haven’t received that message, please reach out to me (or comment at the bottom of this post) and I’ll follow up with you.

We also have a “test meeting” on Thursday at 8:15 am ET in advance of Friday’s virtual gathering if you want to test out Zoom then.  The test meeting link was also sent out earlier via email.

Now, back to this week’s homework…..Chapter 9 of our current study, “Don’t Waste Your Life”.  Ironically, this week’s chapter focuses on God’s calling for us to do mission work.  We’ll compare and contrast mission versus evangelism.  Great stuff!

Mike leads us this week via the Zoom web-conference.  Please join the Zoom link at 7:45 am ET.  Again, let me know if you need that information.

Be safe, check on neighbors/family, share…..and wash your hands!


AUDIBLE at the Line of Scrimmage…..change to meeting location this week!


Cornwell Center, our weekly meeting location, is closing (temporarily) due to COVID-19 concerns.  So we will have to meet at an alternate location for this Friday, and possibly a few more Fridays after that.

For this week (tomorrow), let’s plan to meet at 7:45 am at Park Road Soda Shoppe in the Park Road shopping center.

No other changes.  David Parker will still lead tomorrow.

I’ll see you then!



Talking “Jesus” by the Breakroom Water-cooler

Okay….take a deep breath!  This week we’re talking about “talking about” God in the workplace!  Yikes….who does that anyway?

Well, the answer is probably more than you might think.  And that’s not just because we live in the Bible Belt….

Homework this week is Chapter 8, “Making Much of Christ from 8 to 5”.

Last week, I mentioned the online study guide to our current book.  Here’s the link to that document and I’d recommend using it to support your preparations this week:

David Parker leads us this week.  Here’s a few points to get you started:

  1.  Many people in the church divide vocations into two types: secular and sacred.  Here’s a thought; is one type of vocation more spiritual than the other?
  2. Read ahead scripture: Colossians 3:23-24 and 1 Corinthians 15:58

Lots to unpack this week.  Think about how you’re “talking Jesus” at work this week. Are you getting deep stares or deep conversations….or neither?

I’ll see you on Friday beginning at 7:30 am.  Lesson starts sharply at 7:45 am!


Matthew 6:21 “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also”

Hopefully, you’ve heard that passage of scripture from the book of Matthew before.  As I was reading this week’s assignment, Chapter 7 “Living to Prove He is More Precious Than Life”….I was reminded of that line from the apostle Matthew.

Maybe it’s coincidence (or not) that last week we took a break from our book to talk about “mission trips”, specifically Mike Lenhart and Bryan Brooks shared stories and pictures from their recent trip to Uganda.  And this week’s chapter certainly hints on the importance of mission trips.  However, on a broader sense, our author this week discusses how we are demonstrating the value and worth of Jesus Christ.

Here’s a leading question to ponder in advance of this week:

“If someone who did not know that you were a Christian observed the way you spend your money, the kind of clothes you wear, the way you spend your free time, and how your raised your family, would they notice a significant difference between you and the world?”

Mike leads us this week, discussing possible responses to that question and others.  Also, study the following passages in advance:

Mark 10:21, Luke 6:20, 24 and Luke 18:25

We’re back at the front parlor room of The Cornwell Center this Friday.  Please gather starting at 7:30 am.  Lesson starts at 7:45 am.