Who Sees the Rooftop When Nothing Else is Higher?

Our series wraps up this week with a lesson on Paul.  Largely regarded by Biblical scholars as the greatest writer of Jesus’ message, Paul is also regarded as one of the most, if not the most, passionate of all of His followers.

Passion” is a key message in our final chapter.

What drives our passion?  Are we passionate about our Creator or are do we simply, as our author says, carry around our Christian beliefs in a duffel bag, pulling out those beliefs when we need them….and storing them away when we don’t.

There’s a gap for some between a larger God and us.  How can we close that gap?

In this week’s reading you’ll see a story about Andre Agassi, speaking at the hall of fame induction of his wife, Steffi Graf.  In those remarks, Agassi talks about a roof built many years ago, before airplanes were even invented.  Why did the roof-makers not take shortcuts when there was not the ability to stand above the roof?

We’ll discuss those answers and more this week under the context of Paul’s passion.

Also, the author has a wonderful summary of all ten characters at the end of this week’s reading.  We’ll wrap up our book this week using that summary as a guide.

Gather at 7:30 am at The Cornwell Center.  We’ll start the lesson at 7:45 am.  Mike leads us this week.


Peter’s Plan

Full disclosure:  Peter is my kind of guy. Didn’t always get things right and sometimes let his emotions lead him to missing the point altogether. But in the end, when the chips were down, Peter comes through.

I also like Paul….but that will be next week’s full disclosure!

For me, the key message this week is on page 140 in the paragraph that starts out “Here’s the good news….”.  Hint, hint….that’s the Plan!  That’s discipleship!

I won’t steal our leader’s thunder but if you read that paragraph then you’re off to a good start!

John Ramey is our leader this week. I checked in with him earlier and he’s rearing to go!

Gather at 7:30 am. Lesson starts at 7:45 am. Cornwell Center.

Come hear about the “rock”!


Down to the Final Three!

I missed the opportunity last week to title the weekly reminder as “down to the final FOUR (lessons)”….but you get my point.  Three lessons to go including this week:

  • SEP 14:  Job:  The principle of suffering for no apparent reason (Rob Miller leading)
  • SEP 21:  Peter:  The principle of making disciples (John Ramey leading)
  • SEP 28:  Paul:  The principle of a surrendered life (Mike Lenhart leading) + Series Wrap-up

Mark your calendars for the Friday, OCT 5 FMMF Charlotte, where Leadership Ministries, Inc. president, Mark Maynard, will be our guest speaker that morning.  We’ll host Mark at our normal meeting location at the Cornwell Center.

This week, Rob Miller is on tap to lead us.  There’s a storm brewing, literally, off the coast of North Carolina this week, but I think we’ll be safe to meet on Friday morning.  I’m monitoring the conditions and in the event of a cancellation, I’ll post that message on this site.  Please keep our brothers and sisters along the Carolinas’ coastlines in your prayers as they brace for a certain direct hit of the hurricane.

I’ll see you this Friday at our normal time and location…..bring your coffee and umbrellas!



They Will Come….so You Better Start Building It…!

We’re back this week at Friday Morning Men’s Fellowship (FMMF) Charlotte with the study of Nehemiah.  Chapter 7 in our book, “How God Makes Men“, for those of you following along!

The author’s focus this week is:  The Principle of a Passionate Calling”.

This week, we’ll learn about Nehemiah’s responding to the need of building (or rebuilding, rather) the walls around Jerusalem upon news of the Jews returning after 70 years in exile.  Now, insert your own James Earl Jones voice-over…..”If you build it they will come….”.

But the only difference for Nehemiah was that “they” were already coming!  Yikes!

Mike leads us this week in our discussion.  Come early….like 7:30 am-ish, and have some pre-meeting fellowship with others.  “Fellowship” is in our weekly name…so why not?

Lesson begins at 7:45 am.  See you then!