They Will Come….so You Better Start Building It…!

We’re back this week at Friday Morning Men’s Fellowship (FMMF) Charlotte with the study of Nehemiah.  Chapter 7 in our book, “How God Makes Men“, for those of you following along!

The author’s focus this week is:  The Principle of a Passionate Calling”.

This week, we’ll learn about Nehemiah’s responding to the need of building (or rebuilding, rather) the walls around Jerusalem upon news of the Jews returning after 70 years in exile.  Now, insert your own James Earl Jones voice-over…..”If you build it they will come….”.

But the only difference for Nehemiah was that “they” were already coming!  Yikes!

Mike leads us this week in our discussion.  Come early….like 7:30 am-ish, and have some pre-meeting fellowship with others.  “Fellowship” is in our weekly name…so why not?

Lesson begins at 7:45 am.  See you then!


One thought on “They Will Come….so You Better Start Building It…!

  1. Mark, thanks! We have you down for OCT 5th as our “guest speaker”. Comes with great timing as we will have just wrapped up our current study the Friday prior! I’ll coordinate details separately with you via email.




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