Labor Day break is here!

Reminder that FMMF Charlotte will not meet this week.  We’re taking time off with family and friends….

Be safe!

Next week, we’ll dig back into our study of “How God Makes Men” with Chapter 7: Nehemiah….”the principle of passionate calling…”

While you’re without homework this week, take a moment to update your contact information for FMMF.  Information is not shared outside of Leadership Ministries….and you’ll receive timely information from the mother-ship in Atlanta!

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Have a great and safe Labor Day holiday weekend!


King Solomon: Having it all….then losing it all!

Chapter 6 is our focus this week in our study of “How God Makes Men”.  We’re back at the Cornwell Center after last week’s “treehouse FMMF”.

This week, our author leads us with the question of “what and how do we define success?”

Is it wealth?

Is it material things?

Is it a beautiful family?

Is it job status?

Surely, King Solomon had all those things and probably more!  And most of us think about Solomon and the wisest man who ever lived.

But there’s another side of the king that some might not be aware.  And, for that part, Jason Schubert will lead us this week!  You might be astounded by the lessons we can take from Solomon’s tumble!

See you at the Cornwell Center.  Jason launched into our lesson at 7:45 am.


HGMM Chapter 5: King David and the aftermath of Killing Goliath

Chapter 5 of “How God Makes Men” (HGMM) is upon us this week!  And this week’s Biblical character is one of the greatest…..King David!  Some might argue that David was God’s chosen one.  I mean…think about it….kill Goliath, and the rest of your life is set!

Well….not quite.

David’s life took one if not many tailspins well after the slaying of the giant.  Our theme this week is “how God rescues men when they go astray”.  Mike leads this week.

PLEASE NOTE LOCATION CHANGE.  We’ve having great morning weather this week in Charlotte so please plan on gathering at the tree house in Mike’s backyard (1609 Sterling Road).  We’ll have coffee and biscuits as well!

We’ll return to the Cornwell Center next Friday for Chapter 6.

Gather this Friday, starting at 7:30 am.  Watch out for the “killer” backyard chickens!  Lesson starts promptly at 7:45 am.


God’s Plan: Choose the Weakest Person from the Weakest Family…for Greatness!

This week’s chapter is on Gideon.  Our author titles the chapter, “The Principle of the Unexpected Leader–How God Turns a Man’s Fears and Weakness into Strength”.  I’m SO looking forward to this week’s reading!  Who among us cannot relate?

Some of you know my personal connection with Gideon.  Several years ago, when my (now) wife was in the hospital fighting for her life against a very serious infection, a friend from her church’s Bible study would come into the room as she lay asleep in a medically induced coma, and read the story of Gideon.

Days later, when she awoke from the coma, my wife recalls having dreams about a fierce battle, where she was in the streets of Athens, Georgia, defending the University of Georgia from a surging enemy!  We believe, that while she lay asleep in an unconscious state, her mind was listening to the story of Gideon, and adding her own “modern” twist!

Strange, maybe, but like my wife, the story of Gideon pits a seemingly weak individual against a formable foe.  As we’ll see, our hero, Gideon, was not necessarily on board when God called him into action.

Rob Miller leads us this week, fresh of the bench from a summer flu, but chomping at the bit to get back in the game!

See everyone beginning at 7:30 am at the Cornwell Center.  Rob kicks things into gear promptly at 7:45 am.


Moses and Joseph Take Center Stage

We’re doubling up this week on Chapters 2 and 3, which discuss the lives of Joseph and Moses respectively.

Think about Joseph.  Poor guy didn’t sign up for any of this….but he quickly realizes, sort of, that God is shaping him for a greater good.  And then there’s Moses.  Similar to Joseph, Moses certainly tried to talk God out of the assignments given to him.  Nice try, Moses….and we’ll see in this week’s lesson how Moses goes through shaping of his character.

Interestingly, both men when confronted by the Almighty, seemed to first say….“….but God……!”

Mike will lead us this week.  Please gather starting at 7:30 am.  We’ll spend about 20 minutes on each of this week’s characters from the Bible.  Bring your own coffee and get buckled up quickly!

See everyone on Friday!