HGMM Chapter 5: King David and the aftermath of Killing Goliath

Chapter 5 of “How God Makes Men” (HGMM) is upon us this week!  And this week’s Biblical character is one of the greatest…..King David!  Some might argue that David was God’s chosen one.  I mean…think about it….kill Goliath, and the rest of your life is set!

Well….not quite.

David’s life took one if not many tailspins well after the slaying of the giant.  Our theme this week is “how God rescues men when they go astray”.  Mike leads this week.

PLEASE NOTE LOCATION CHANGE.  We’ve having great morning weather this week in Charlotte so please plan on gathering at the tree house in Mike’s backyard (1609 Sterling Road).  We’ll have coffee and biscuits as well!

We’ll return to the Cornwell Center next Friday for Chapter 6.

Gather this Friday, starting at 7:30 am.  Watch out for the “killer” backyard chickens!  Lesson starts promptly at 7:45 am.


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