Resurrection’s Over…Now What?

It seems like we cruise right from the Easter story immediately into Christ’s ascension into Heaven without much thought or study into “everyone else”. I have often wondered about the 12 disciples… only 11 with the death of Judas. Were they hunted? Were they faithful? How did we get from “then” to “now” as Christians.

I’m one week late as we started this new series called “My Favorite Disciple” last Friday with Rob Miller sharing his thoughts on the apostle Peter. I’ve asked four others from our group to likewise follow suit, sharing their thoughts on their favorite disciple. Here’s the current plan:

APR 29TH: John (Luke Nelson)

MAY 6TH: TBD (Jason Schubert)

MAY 13TH: Thomas (Jon Paschal)

MAY 20TH: Judas (Mike Lenhart)

Gathering times will remain the same each week. 7:30 am for fellowship with lessons kicking off at 7:45 am. Meet over Zoom or in-person at our South Park location.

No formal homework required but you are encouraged to do some self-study each week on the individual disciples to make the conversations even more engaging!


Putting the Bow on Another Great Study Series

We’ll wrap up the study of Governor Bill Haslam’s book, “Faithful Presence”. This week, please read Chapter 14 as well as the Epilogue. Haslam does a great summary of the book this week, calling out the major themes of text including:

-Salt and Light

-Religion driving your politics or politics driving your religion?

My favorite passage this week comes on page 198:

“Our response to a world that seems to be slipping out of control has too frequently been to enter the public square out of anger and with our focus on winning. Because of that, we have added contempt and division into that arena rather than helping to heal it. But God always starts with us when he talks about change. Again, if the meat has gone bad, it is the fault of the salt, not the meat. Those of us who call ourselves Christians now have the privilege and the responsibility of being God’s ambassadors to a world that is weary and desperate for good news. There really isn’t a plan B when it comes to God’s plan for how the earth gets salt.”

We’re gathering in fellowship this Friday at 7:30 am at The Flying Biscuit at Park Road Shopping Center. I hope to see many of you there as we anticipate the beginning of another Holy Week.

Have a great week!