Checking in at The Flying Biscuit

We’re on a Memorial Day break this Friday with no “official” gathering planned. We’ll pick up on devotional days 42 thru 46 next Friday, JUN 4th. Treehouse and Zoom options are both planned for our meet up.

Throwing out the option for anyone who’s interested to meet me and others at 7:30 am at The Flying Biscuit restaurant at Park Road Shopping Center this Friday. Shoot me a text or email if you’re coming so I can grab the right size table.

Otherwise have a great holiday weekend as we honor and remember those who’ve paid the ultimate sacrifice for the freedoms we enjoy!


The “not-so-heroic” Side of King David

This week begins a new section of our study series book: “No More Immorality”.

To date, we’ve completed earlier sections of:

  • No More Leaving Jesus Behind……focus on God and Jesus
  • No More Living in the Past…..focus on Joseph
  • No More Feeling Worthless….focus on Moses
Ernie Meland

With this new section, our Biblical character focus is on King David. Many of us know him from the heroic actions battling Goliath….but do you know about some of David’s immoralities? Being “king” brought many advantages….but how are those advantages viewed in the eyes of our holy Father?

Ernie Meland leads us this week. I’ve made some adjustments to the weekly assignments in order to align with the book’s sections. So for this week, your homework is to read Day 36 – Day 41.

You can view the future assignments via the SignUp Genius page:

Yes….selfishlessly, I referenced the weekly sign up page as a reminder to folks where we need men to lead. Lots of opportunities to “shine”! Please grab a day or two!

Treehouse remains open as well as the Zoom meeting space.

See everyone in-person or virtual this Friday starting at 7:30 am.


Lightening the Load

Moses has been the topic of discussion for our group since last week, and we’ll continue that discussion this Friday. I’m going to remove one day from our prescribed “homework” so things will align to the end of the current section of the book, “No More Feeling Worthless”… please read (only) devotional days 31-35.

Mike Lenhart

Last week, we heard about Moses killing a man, and then being subjected to the life as a “lowly” sheep herder. Far from the cry of leading his people to the promised land, right?

This week we learn of God’s plans with Moses, “waking him up” so to speak, and giving him what our author describes as “God-confidence” instead of solely self-confidence.

Treehouse remains open this week for anyone who wants to gather in person. We’ll also have the Zoom option as always for those joining remotely. I’m excited to lead this week…so get ready to buckle up. And I hope by saying that, I’m not exhibiting my own “self-confidence“….and pray instead for “God-confidence” to deliver the best message to you all on Friday!

Have a great rest of the week!


Feeling Rejected?

We’re up to a new section of the book titled, “No More Feeling Worthless”. Our readings this week are devotional days 25-30, and the Biblical focus character is none other than Moses.

How do we tie Moses and “rejection” into the same conversation? As you read this week’s lesson, you get a sense of how they’re connected:

  • His mother put him into a basket on the banks of the Nile River……rejection?
  • Grew up in Egypt but missed his Hebrew people…..rejection?
  • Pharaoh tried to kill him……definitely rejection!
  • Rejected by God?……let’s discuss
Jon Paschal

As our author states, “Most men handle rejection by running from it…”. Certainly this was the case for Moses…but is it the case for us too?

Jon Paschal leads us this week. Treehouse will be open starting at 7:30 am ET…and so will the Zoom. Come “in-person” to the treehouse…or dial in and join us in some fellowship before Jon starts the lesson at 7:45 am ET.

Have a great rest of the week!