The “not-so-heroic” Side of King David

This week begins a new section of our study series book: “No More Immorality”.

To date, we’ve completed earlier sections of:

  • No More Leaving Jesus Behind……focus on God and Jesus
  • No More Living in the Past…..focus on Joseph
  • No More Feeling Worthless….focus on Moses
Ernie Meland

With this new section, our Biblical character focus is on King David. Many of us know him from the heroic actions battling Goliath….but do you know about some of David’s immoralities? Being “king” brought many advantages….but how are those advantages viewed in the eyes of our holy Father?

Ernie Meland leads us this week. I’ve made some adjustments to the weekly assignments in order to align with the book’s sections. So for this week, your homework is to read Day 36 – Day 41.

You can view the future assignments via the SignUp Genius page:

Yes….selfishlessly, I referenced the weekly sign up page as a reminder to folks where we need men to lead. Lots of opportunities to “shine”! Please grab a day or two!

Treehouse remains open as well as the Zoom meeting space.

See everyone in-person or virtual this Friday starting at 7:30 am.


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