Leading the Family

This week, we’re digging into Chapter 5 of our new study, “The Resolution for Men”.  Last week, you’ll recall that our commitment was to “take responsibility and be accountable”.  With that foundational principle in mind, the focus this week shifts to man’s role as leader of the family.  To that end, our commitment this week centers on leadership, protection, service, and teaching.

Please read Chapter 5 if you didn’t get through that last week.  And, complete the information for Session 1 of the (separate) Study Guide.  If you haven’t ordered the Study Guide, you can use the Session 1 worksheet shown in the Resources tab of this webpage.

I’ll see you this Friday at The Cornwell Center!


How Do You Eat an Elephant?…..One Bite at a Time!

This week’s lesson, our first with the new study….has a lot of great information….and I want to make sure we don’t short-change ourselves, gloss over anything, and, to make an analogy, attempt to eat the huge meal all at once!

So, in that regard, I’m calling an audible at the line of scrimmage (again).  Please focus your efforts on Chapter 4 of The Resolution.  It’s an easy read….but important one!  We’ll add Chapter 5 into our discussion for next week.

And, if you’ve been really adventurous and have already done both chapters, then pat yourself on the back…and I’ll put gold stars next to your name this week!

Last, another reality is that some of our regular attendees are out this week on Spring Break…..

For the rest….I’ll see you in the morning in Fellowship!


New Study….New Resolutions!

We’re off and running with a new study this week:  The Resolution for Men by Stephen and Alex Kendrick.  As with previous studies, the weekly homework will be posted in the Resources tab of this website.  The homework is designed to guide each of us in advance of that Friday’s gathering.  You are encouraged to do the homework, but if your week and life get the best of you, please still come to FMMF.  You’ll STILL get something out of the gathering…..I promise!

Most have already ordered the book for this 8-week study.  The study guide is a separate purchase; apologies that I did not realize that last week when I introduced the study.  The supporting study guide is available in electronic version (immediately) or in paperback in a couple days.  NOTE:  I ordered the electronic version and it’s great!

This week’s study focuses on Chapters 4-5.  The prior chapters (1-3) are “background” material on the “why” behind this study.  Browse the early chapters, but focus more deeply on Chapters 4-5 for this Friday.

All good?  Ready…..Set…..GO!

See you on Friday.  Gather beginning at 7:30 am.  Bring your coffee mug!

“Merely” done…now what’s next?

This week, we’ll wrap up our study on Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis.  What did we learn and what does it mean for us as Christians in today’s world?  Please come prepared with your thoughts and actions as a result of reading the books.

I’ll introduce our next study during the “second half” of this week’s FMMF….I’ve selected a great men’s curriculum called The Resolution.  The sub-title for the study says “while most men will die with deep regrets, others will resolve to live for what matters most…“.

The sub-title was most appealing to me.  How many of us have asked ourselves “where should I focus?” or “why is this important?”.  I think we’ll be able to carve through the answers to those questions and more through this 8-week study.

The Resolution curriculum was developed by Stephen and Alex Kendrick, who you might know as the brothers behind many Christian movies, most notably Fireproof and Courageous.  More on their backgrounds when I introduce this study on Friday.

For now, please consider purchasing the book from Amazon….it’s around $10.00 for the paperback edition.  And if you order this week, you should have it before next Friday’s gathering…..!  Not mentioning any names….but I think we all know who falls into that category of “waiting on the book to arrive!”.

As always, we look forward to gathering at 7:30 am…with our study beginning at 7:45 am.  Jason will wrap us on Mere Christianity and I’ll introduce The Resolution.


Let’s Play Pretend!

Did you ever play  “pretend” as a child?  Hopefully, the answer is a resounding “YES”….. and, if so, they you’ll relate to the final section in our study of C.S. Lewis’ “Mere Christianity”.  We’re on the final stretch, focusing this week on Book 4, sections 7 through 11.  In this portion of the study, we’re initially called to shift from the academics that Lewis has been teaching, to a “what if” attention span.  By saying “what if” are we not also playing “pretend” just as we did as kids?

The stakes now are considerably greater, right?  When we pray the Lord’s Prayer, one author explains, we have a lot more understanding of what the words mean now that we’ve got most of the book under our belt.  Are we playing pretend as adults when we say “Our father….”, after all we cannot be akin to the Son of God, since we are human with all our flaws.

Deep stuff….and that’s just what Lewis plants on our minds right out of the gate in section 7!

Read on……the crescendo is coming by section 11!

Jason Schubert will lead us this week as we wrap up the study.  Please gather early starting at 7:30 am, enjoy some fellowship with others, before we launch into our lesson by 7:45 am.

I’ll warm up the water in the Keurig coffee maker….you bring your mug!


Onward to Book Four!

If you’ve ever had questions on theology….then our next book in our study of “Mere Christianity” is one you’ll love!

This week’s focus is on sections 1 through 6 in Book 4.

Some of the many topics addressed include:

  • Theology is the science of God.  Think of it as….a map of the ocean, not simply studying the waves from the beach!
  • God is personal….yet something more than just a person….
  • How can God be involved in millions of people at one time!
  • …and much more!

Let’s gather at 7:30 am….ready to go at 7:45 am.  My goal this week?  Get the coffee pot working in the back kitchen of the Cornwell Center!  Bring your mugs….!