Let’s Play Pretend!

Did you ever play  “pretend” as a child?  Hopefully, the answer is a resounding “YES”….. and, if so, they you’ll relate to the final section in our study of C.S. Lewis’ “Mere Christianity”.  We’re on the final stretch, focusing this week on Book 4, sections 7 through 11.  In this portion of the study, we’re initially called to shift from the academics that Lewis has been teaching, to a “what if” attention span.  By saying “what if” are we not also playing “pretend” just as we did as kids?

The stakes now are considerably greater, right?  When we pray the Lord’s Prayer, one author explains, we have a lot more understanding of what the words mean now that we’ve got most of the book under our belt.  Are we playing pretend as adults when we say “Our father….”, after all we cannot be akin to the Son of God, since we are human with all our flaws.

Deep stuff….and that’s just what Lewis plants on our minds right out of the gate in section 7!

Read on……the crescendo is coming by section 11!

Jason Schubert will lead us this week as we wrap up the study.  Please gather early starting at 7:30 am, enjoy some fellowship with others, before we launch into our lesson by 7:45 am.

I’ll warm up the water in the Keurig coffee maker….you bring your mug!


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