“Merely” done…now what’s next?

This week, we’ll wrap up our study on Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis.  What did we learn and what does it mean for us as Christians in today’s world?  Please come prepared with your thoughts and actions as a result of reading the books.

I’ll introduce our next study during the “second half” of this week’s FMMF….I’ve selected a great men’s curriculum called The Resolution.  The sub-title for the study says “while most men will die with deep regrets, others will resolve to live for what matters most…“.

The sub-title was most appealing to me.  How many of us have asked ourselves “where should I focus?” or “why is this important?”.  I think we’ll be able to carve through the answers to those questions and more through this 8-week study.

The Resolution curriculum was developed by Stephen and Alex Kendrick, who you might know as the brothers behind many Christian movies, most notably Fireproof and Courageous.  More on their backgrounds when I introduce this study on Friday.

For now, please consider purchasing the book from Amazon….it’s around $10.00 for the paperback edition.  And if you order this week, you should have it before next Friday’s gathering…..!  Not mentioning any names….but I think we all know who falls into that category of “waiting on the book to arrive!”.

As always, we look forward to gathering at 7:30 am…with our study beginning at 7:45 am.  Jason will wrap us on Mere Christianity and I’ll introduce The Resolution.