New Study Series Starts This Week

Excited to begin a new series this week. We’ve selected the book, “Faithfully Different” by Natasha Crain, for our next 12 weeks of reading and discussions. I’ve gone ahead and tasked out each week’s leader who will be responsible for “putting and keeping the ball in play”. Since we have more than 12 men in our group, not everyone was tasked. If you are tasked and you cannot lead on your day, please find someone to take your place.

1JUN 3Mike L
2JUN 10Jon P
3JUN 17Luke N
4JUN 24Mark J
5JUL 1Robert S
6JUL 8Jason S
7JUL 15Tim S
8JUL 22Jonathan S
9JUL 29Dave B
10AUG 5David P
11AUG 12Ernie M
12AUG 19Phillip D

We will continue to meet on Friday mornings and we’re asking all to strongly consider meeting in person at the SouthPark location. We will keep Zoom as an option for those who have challenges meeting in person. But, please, consider meeting in person. The bonds of our men’s fellowship are best strengthened when we sit across tables from each other, engage in conversations before/after, and let God guide our weekly accountability.

I’m looking forward to this new series….and I look forward to seeing you this week! I’ll kick the new series off at 7:45 am ET.


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