New Study….New Resolutions!

We’re off and running with a new study this week:  The Resolution for Men by Stephen and Alex Kendrick.  As with previous studies, the weekly homework will be posted in the Resources tab of this website.  The homework is designed to guide each of us in advance of that Friday’s gathering.  You are encouraged to do the homework, but if your week and life get the best of you, please still come to FMMF.  You’ll STILL get something out of the gathering…..I promise!

Most have already ordered the book for this 8-week study.  The study guide is a separate purchase; apologies that I did not realize that last week when I introduced the study.  The supporting study guide is available in electronic version (immediately) or in paperback in a couple days.  NOTE:  I ordered the electronic version and it’s great!

This week’s study focuses on Chapters 4-5.  The prior chapters (1-3) are “background” material on the “why” behind this study.  Browse the early chapters, but focus more deeply on Chapters 4-5 for this Friday.

All good?  Ready…..Set…..GO!

See you on Friday.  Gather beginning at 7:30 am.  Bring your coffee mug!

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