Lightening the Load

Moses has been the topic of discussion for our group since last week, and we’ll continue that discussion this Friday. I’m going to remove one day from our prescribed “homework” so things will align to the end of the current section of the book, “No More Feeling Worthless”… please read (only) devotional days 31-35.

Mike Lenhart

Last week, we heard about Moses killing a man, and then being subjected to the life as a “lowly” sheep herder. Far from the cry of leading his people to the promised land, right?

This week we learn of God’s plans with Moses, “waking him up” so to speak, and giving him what our author describes as “God-confidence” instead of solely self-confidence.

Treehouse remains open this week for anyone who wants to gather in person. We’ll also have the Zoom option as always for those joining remotely. I’m excited to lead this week…so get ready to buckle up. And I hope by saying that, I’m not exhibiting my own “self-confidence“….and pray instead for “God-confidence” to deliver the best message to you all on Friday!

Have a great rest of the week!


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