The End…(of our study)….is Near!

This Friday we’ll put a nice silk bow on our study of Rev. John Piper’s, “Don’t Waste Your Life”.  It’s been a great read, I think….lots to ponder as we wrap this week.

We’ll gather via Zoom per earlier messages.  Please login at 7:45 am ET….if you need any help, please consult the “Zoom” page on this website.

When you get to the “Join a Meeting” tab, the Meeting ID for tomorrow is:  933 121 523

For the next two Fridays after this week, I’ve added a special “Easter and the Resurrection series (Parts 1 and 2)” that we’ll also do via Zoom.  More on those later.  Jon Paschal will lead Part 2, and I’m working on a “special guest” for Part 1.  Stay tuned on that one!

Until tomorrow, be safe!  I’ll “see” everyone at 7:45 am ET on Friday.


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