The Easter Story: Part 1 – “Promises Made….”

The Starting Friday men’s group is taking a 2-week pause between book studies for a focused look at the Easter story.  This week, we’ll tackle “Part 1” which I’m calling “Promises Made….“.

Next Friday, we’ll cover “Part 2” which discusses “Promises Delivered….“.

This Friday is especially exciting for me (and others) as we welcome Reverend Derek Macleod to lead our discussion via Zoom web-conferencing.  Some will recall that Derek was formerly the Associate Pastor of Outreach Ministry at Myers Park Presbyterian Church for approximately three and a half years (2014-2018).  He’s currently the Senior Pastor and Head of Staff at St. Andrews – Covenant Presbyterian Church in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Beyond those formal titles, Pastor Derek is a still truly a great friend to many here in Charlotte!

Our “homework” this week is to read from Matthew’s Gospel, Chapter 27, verses 32-61.

We’ll kick things off at 7:45 am ET via Zoom web-conferencing.  Short intros and then Rev. Derek will kick things into gear immediately following.  Here’s the Zoom meeting information:

Please remember to mute your line once we get going!  More Zoom instructions, in you need them, at this LINK (click).  Derek will wrap up around 8:30 am ET.

And, as always, please feel free to invite a buddy or two!

See you on Friday!


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