What’s Below Your Waterline?

After a week’s delay, we ARE definitely meeting this coming Friday, July 1st to kick off our next study on “The True Measure of a Man” by Richard Simmons.  Mike will introduce our study including the book’s Forward, Preface, and Chapter 1.  In Chapter 1, we’re given the story of a ship builder who builds this amazing sailboat that looks incredible from the outside!  In fact, the boat is impressive…..above the ship’s waterline.  But beneath the surface and below that waterline, our story reveals what dangers lie uncovered.

Chapter 1’s parable of sorts is called “The Persona“, taken from the name of the exquisite sailboat.  Like the boat, our author asks the question to readers:  What are we hiding beneath the surface?

Chart a course for a great discussion this week!  Remember to meet at the Lenhart’s tree-house on Friday morning!