Time to Take Inventory: What’s in your box??

Only three chapters remain from our study of The True Measure of a Man. This week, chapter 6, we learn about “life’s greatest paradox“.  Our author sums up the answer to this very early in the chapter by saying:  “Simply stated, life’s greatest paradox can be summed up in the words, ‘true strength is found in humility’….”. 

Now, if that was the key to the entire chapter then I would have prefaced my statement above with a bold-texted “spoiler alert”!  But, you need to dig into the rest of the chapter to certainly learn much more. There are lots of lessons and examples of gratitude, humility and grace. Remember the line from the beatitudes?  “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth”  (Matthew 5:5).  Translated from Greek, “blessed” means “happy”.  And furthermore, “meek” translated refers back to being humble, gentile and kind. Continue reading “Time to Take Inventory: What’s in your box??”