A Father’s Selfless and Sacrificial Love

Welcome to November!

Last week, we kicked off our new series of God’s Model for Fatherhood with the attribute, “God’s Presence”.  This week, we’re tackling the second attribute:  God’s Love.  The lesson notes for this week are on the Resources page for this website.  We encourage you to carve out some time to read the recommended passages in scripture and the discussion questions that follow.  This week’s scripture takes us through several books of the Bible, including Jeremiah, Hosea, Luke, John, Romans and 1 Peter.  How does God show us His selfless and sacrificial love?  How is this an example for us in “Fatherhood”?

Join us this week in fellowship, beginning at 7:30 am at The Cornwell Center front parlor.  Jon will kicks things into gear beginning at 7:45 am.  Rumor has it that someone in our group is celebrating his birthday on Friday…..!  Wonder who that is?

Have a great rest of the week!



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