Book 2 of Mere Christianity…..It All Comes Down to Arithmetic!

How many of us have been told over time that in “mathematics and arithmetic” there is one and only one right answer.  There are the best ways to get to that answer, and some ways to eventually get there, and still arrive at the correct solution.

This week, we’re tackling Book 2 of C.S. Lewis’ novel, Mere Christianity.  Just as we were raised with the approach to arithmetic as explained above, so true is it with Christianity.  As Christians, don’t we believe that there’s only one “way” to our Heavenly Father?  And while the other religions might not be completely wrong, they do have some pieces that are right….according to Christians.

Is this the right way of thinking?

Read this week’s lesson…Book 2 of Mere Christianity, then come prepared to discuss the following:

  • In what ways are we challenged by other faiths…or by atheism?  How do we respond?
  • In our lives do we encounter “Christianity and water”?  Do we practice it?
  • What is your testimony?  How do we know that Jesus was not just a “great moral teacher”?

See you on Friday at The Cornwell Center.  Gather at 7:30 am, ready to hear Jason lead us in this week’s lesson starting at 7:45 am.


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