Being a Man of Your Word…..

One session down….seven to go!

Now, before that sounds too daunting of a task, consider that this series is designed for “men”….and, perhaps just speaking as your’s truly, the reading assignment are bite-size portions!

Our assignment this week is to tackle Session 2 in the Study Guide AND Chapter 6 of the main book.  My recommendation is that you read the Study Guide first as it will help you better understand the book’s reading.  Just my two cents……!

If you don’t have the Study Guide, you can pick one up locally at Lifeway Christian Bookstores.  Closest one is near Carolina Place Mall right next to the Home Depot store.  Call ahead of time to make sure they have the Study Guide in stock.

We’re all bringing our “man cards” this week as we honestly look at the resolutions around marriage, honoring our wives, and being a man of your word.

Heavy stuff….and that’s why you need your man cards!

All good.

How ’bout them Dodgers…..??!!

See you on Friday.  Bring your mug if you want coffee.

Lastly, quick reminder that we won’t be meeting on NEXT Friday, April 14th.  Besides it being public schools spring break in Charlotte, it’s also GOOD FRIDAY as we lean forward in celebration of the Resurrection.


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