Be a Super Model….for your kids’ sake!

After a long Spring Break and Easter celebration, we’re back to our study of The Resolution for Men.  This week’s session is number three….and focuses on how fathers are “role” models in all they we do for our children.  Our kids don’t just physically resemble their parents, but they often develop habits similar to their parents or siblings.

This week’s lesson pays special focus on our responsibilities as fathers in how we teach them to honor authority and live responsibly.  Does this happen immediately?  Most certainly NOT…more of a long, steady burn.  But persistence over time will pay off huge dividends in the attitudes of our children….and our lives too!

Read Sesson 3 in the study guide as you prepare for this week’s FMMF.  Then, your reading assignment from the main book is Chapters 7-8….approximately 30 pages!

Jason Schubert will lead the group this week.

Gather at 7:30 am, as always.  Jason will launch into the lesson at 7:45 am.


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