Schedule Changes Coming Down the Pipe!

We’re juggling a few scheduling conflicts for some of our regular attendees.  As such, I’ve modified the FMMF Charlotte schedule for the next few weeks as shown below:


MAY 26:  FMMF gathering.  Lesson is Session 6 from the Study Guide.

JUNE 2:  FMMF gathering.  Lesson is Session 7 from the Study Guide.

JUNE 9:  FMMF gathering.  Lesson is Session 8 from Study Guide and wrap-up of the series.  We’ll also preview the next planned study.

JUNE 16:  FMMF gathering.  Begin new series.

Apologies up front for the juggling of the schedule.  Trying to keep as many of us engaged as possible.

Enjoy the rest day this week….but dig into Session 6 if you haven’t done so already.