Be Courageous…..

Final week of our powerful series, The Resolution for Men.  This week’s final assignment is Session 8 of the study guide, and chapters 14-15 of the main book.  Our focus this week is simply putting all the pieces together, understanding the “why and how” from previous seven sessions, and a call to action for us.

As I was skimming the pages last night, one of the more powerful stories is the opening one in the study guide.  A grieving son plays a voice message on his cell phone during a eulogy that his father had left him earlier.  We’re unclear as to how many days, weeks or even months before his father’s death the message occurred.  Time really doesn’t matter.  I believe the point of the story is that living out many of the principles we’ve leaned the last several weeks during this study should not be time-stamped.

Each of us has taken something or somethings from this study.  This Friday, as we wrap up, please come prepared to tell our group what you will take with you in the days ahead.  Will we be courageous enough to take the lessons learned on in our daily lives?

And in case you missed the big announcement last week, we’ve selected the book and topic of our next study.  Details on how to prepare for what’s coming up are in last week’s reminder blog post.  As always, a new study is a great time to invite someone you know to join our group.  I encourage you to consider inviting someone!

See you this Friday….gather at 7:30 am, ready to go at 7:45 am.  Meet in the front parlor of the Cornwell Center.


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