God’s Going for the Long Ball!

Next up in our study….Chapter 5.  Enter Abraham into the mix!  Recall from last week’s chapter, that God had promised to crush the seeds of the Serpent.  But the Serpent had a reciprocal plan to crush the seeds of Woman.  The battle ensued!

But the Serpent seemed to be focused on the immediate “seeds”….while God shored up mankind’s future…..hence, the story of Abraham this week!

Abraham is the longer term focus in God’s plan…..the “long ball”!

Our scripture focus for Chapter 5 is Genesis 12:2-3

“In you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.”  GEN 12:2-3

Jason will lead the group this week.  A couple folks are out….summer vacation stuff.

Gather at the Cornwell Center beginning at 7:30 am.  Jason will kick things off at 7:45 am.

Of a related note, Mike will be in Atlanta this Friday to attend FMMF Atlanta/Buckhead….the “mother ship” of our weekly fellowship.  Stay tuned for updates on that visit next Friday.


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