God Shows Up!

True story.

Today I went to the company vending machine for a Coke and, without looking, my selection turned out to be one of those “share a Coke with….” bottles with the name of….wait for it….Jacob on it!

I love those pieces of coincidence in our lives….where God shows up and drops little hints!

If you’ve missed the past couple of weeks, we’ve been in the midst of Abraham’s family lineage.  Last week was focused on Judah, son of Jacob.

Summer schedules are challenging and we had a very small turnout last week, so we’re going to hit the Judah chapter again this week.

And lots to update beyond just the readings…..so join us if you can!

Gather at The Cornwell Center beginning at 7:30 am.  I’ll lead us on Judah starting around 7:45 am.

Coca-Cola is optional…..

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