Rest Day…and then, Doubling-Up!

We won’t hold FMMF this week due to a larger than normal number of planned absences.  So rather than cover the next chapter to a smaller audience, we’ll simply “double-up” NEXT Friday!

Here’s the plan (spelled out for the engineers and accountants in the group):

  • SEP 22:  No FMMF
  • SEP 29:  Chapter 13 (John 19:30) and Chapter 14 (Romans 1: 3-4) Mike leading
  • OCT 6:  Chapter 15 (Romans 3: 21-26) Leader TBD
  • OCT 13:  Chapter 16 (21: 1-4) and series wrap-up.  Leader TBD

Then from OCT 20 – NOV 3, we’re going to spend some time allowing men to share their faith testimonies.  Details coming on that and our plan is for 2-3 men per Friday.

Tentative plan is to begin a new series on/about NOV 10th.

Enjoy the “rest day” this week…..don’t forget to read the next two chapters in prep for SEP 29th.


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