Rounding Third Base!

The third base coach is waving us towards home plate as the schedule is set for the final two weeks of our current study:

  • OCT 6:  Chapter 15 (Romans 3: 21-26) Rob Miller leading
  • OCT 13:  Chapter 16 (21: 1-4) and series wrap-up.  Jon Paschal leading

We’ve tagged, arguably, our two best and dynamic men to lead the team for the last chapters!  And Jon Paschal, who was not available last Friday, said he was “speechless” when I told him the group nominated him for the study wrap-up!  In fact, Jon’s comments were:

“This is like the time my father-in-law skipped the meeting of the Claymont, Delaware Little League Association and was elected president!”

Whatever the analogy, I’m grateful both of these men have stepped-up and stepped-in the next two Fridays.

Focus on Chapter 15 this week as well as the corresponding section of the study guide.

Lastly, I’ll cover a quick format that we’ll use for the 3-4 weeks after OCT 13th, where men will share their personal faith stories with our fellowship gathering.  I’ll schedule those out with the plan to have 2-3 men per FMMF.

Enjoy the week ahead!  See everyone this Friday!


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