This must be really important…

I’m told, based on some research, that when the angels of the Lord appeared to the shepherds “watching over their flocks” that this was one of only two times a group of angels (rather than just one) appeared to announce important news.  Anyone know the second instance?  

So, God must have felt this was really, really, really BIG news to send out what some scholars have described as “millions” of angels.

But, why announce this to a group of shepherds, who were considered the lowest of the lowly classes of society during those times?  Why not announce this to kings, and queens, religious leaders, and other powerful figures?

This week, we’re up to lesson 4 in our series on the Nativity:  The Shepherds

Mike will lead us this week as we explore the significance of the shepherds and perhaps “why” God chose them to announce the birth of the Savior.

Gather at the Cornwell Center front parlor beginning at 7:30 am.  We’ll hit the lesson promptly at 7:45 am.

Next week, we’ll wrap up this series before taking some time off for the holidays.  Our next series, Twelve Ordinary Men, begins on January 5th….and will run for 12 weeks.  There’s a signup list now available for lesson leaders each week.  Find your favorite apostle and sign up to lead that week!


See you this Friday!


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