Peter and Andrew: Sibling Rivalry or Not?

Recall that the “great snowstorm of 2018” here in Charlotte pushed back our plans to meet last week.  So this week, we’re doubling up on our study’s chapters about Peter (Chapter 2) and Andrew (Chapter 3).  Ironically enough (or not), it’s great that we’re going to be talking about these two brothers this week.

Some of you, like me, grew up with a sibling, perhaps a brother or two.  The Bible is not clear about who is older, Simon (Peter) or Andrew, but all indications seem to point that Peter was the elder of the two.  He’s more polished, shows more leadership, and quickly becomes Jesus’ right hand man.

As we’ll learn this week, however, it’s Andrew who makes the initial introduction of Jesus to his brother, Peter.  Andrew hears about Jesus from John the Baptist, and then has a period of following Jesus, and then alerts Peter that “we have found the Messiah”.

It’s almost as if Andrew wants to lay claim to finding Jesus….first.

“Look at me….look at me,” is maybe what Andrew runs telling his brother.

But we know how the story unfolds, right.

Poor Andrew…...

More on these brothers this Friday!

Bring your coffee and your seat belts!  We’re going fast this week!

Gather beginning at 7:30 am.  Rob Miller will kick off the Peter lesson at 7:45 am.

See you then!

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