Apostle John’s World of Everything as Black and White

Our fourth apostle is up this week, John, the younger brother of James, who we studied last week.  John is often described as the “great author” of the group, as the human author of the gospel that bears his name as well as three epistles.

John shares the temperament of his brother, the dynamic duo of “sons of thunder”.  But there is some uniqueness about his personality that you’ll learn from reading this week’s chapter.  John outlives all the others, which is one aspect that makes him unique.  More importantly, perhaps, is that to John, things were very much “black and white”.  He was very passionate about his ministry, his calling, and therefore has little tolerance for the “gray areas” of our lives.

Focus your reading on Chapter 5:  John-The Apostle of Love.

Mike leads us this Friday.  Come early and join in the fellowship beginning at 7:30 am.  We’ll begin the lesson at 7:45 am.

Speaking of leading.  Don’t forget Mike’s “ask” last week for individuals to take on some of the upcoming lessons.  Here’s where are current needs are:

  • FEB 16 (Phillip)
  • FEB 23 (Nathanael)
  • MAR 2 (Matthew and Thomas)
  • MAR 16 (Judas)

If any of these dates and topics appeal to you, then SIGN UP HERE.

See you this week on Friday!


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