Little is written but much is expected….the Final Four (Disciples)

Ironically, as we lean forward towards another NCAA basketball playoff tournament, we are also down to our own “final four” when it comes to our study of the twelve disciples.  This week, we’ll look at three of the last four, James (son of Alphaeus), Simon (the Zealot), and Judas (not Iscariot).  Let the “March Madness” begin!

Chapter 9 is a fairly easy read with much of the focus on the durability of the disciples’ faith, especially as it relates to the final group where not much is written about them.  This chapter, more so than the others, is really about drawing out some extrapolations based on what “IS” written.  Big word, I know…..extrapolation…!

Final three weeks also means we need to start thinking about our next study.  Come with a few ideas, if you want.

Rob Miller leads us this week.  Gather at 7:30 am.  Rob will lead us beginning at 7:45 am

Have a great week until we meet on Friday!