The Digital Preacher

We’re cruising along with the new study, “Jesus Outside the Lines” by Scott Sauls.  This week, we’ll tackle our third chapter, “Personal Faith or Institutional Church?“.  When I first read the chapter’s title, I was thinking this was all about recent divides within church communities where religious groups at national levels have taken specific stands, and thereby caused division within the faith families at local levels.

However, I learned this this is not necessarily the case with this chapter.  What is true, is that with the ease of technology, for example, church attendance across the nation and across many denominations, is declining as people would rather stream a church sermon over the internet instead of sitting in the pews.  And why not?  I can go up the street to my Starbuck’s, get a grande Pike latte, and return home to watch my digital preacher while still in my pajamas.

The flip side of this, however, is that we’re losing a key element of “church”….and that’s the community of faith, the building of relationships, the tackling of real problems, that flails away.

So what’s the right answer?  Once again, Rev. Sauls offers some perspective.  Rob Miller will lead us this week in what’s sure to be a great debate and discussion!

Join us on Friday beginning at 7:30 am.  Rob kicks things into gear at 7:45 am.

See you in fellowship on Friday!


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