Oh those silly hypocrites…..!

I’m nearly through this week’s reading, Chapter 7: Hypocrite or Work in Progress…..and I’m struck by one series of sentences that probably best describe the theme for this week:

I am eager for my non-Christian friends to see that even for hypocrites, there is hope and beauty that comes through Christ.  I am eager for my non-Christian friends to see that yes, we Christians sometimes live inconsistently with what we believe….and we will continue to do so (albeit, inadvertently) until we die or until Jesus returns and makes everything, including us, new again.”  (pp. 126-127, Jesus Outside the Lines)

As you read this week, you will discover that Mahatma Gandhi once considered becoming a Christian (probably early on in life).  However, he decided against it because, as he said, “I like your Christ.  I do not like your Christians.”

Wow….powerful words from a man who lived a pious life of love, selfless sacrifice and service to others…..much like Christ, himself.

So where do we sit today?  As Christians, are we living out the Godly message or are we only pious in the spotlight?  When I was in Ranger School, we had a name for those individuals who only shined when the instructors were around to grade us.  We called those Ranger students, “spotlight Rangers“.  Needless to say, many had a distaste for those individuals because they certainly weren’t team players when the instructors weren’t around.  As in life, those students tended to wash out in the end.

This week, I’ll lead the discussion on Chapter 7.  The author asks, “Are we hypocrites or simply a work in progress?”  Little soul-searching, perhaps, is required as we prepare for this week’s fellowship!

See you on Friday.  Gather at 7:30 am.  “Buckle-in” by 7:45 am, ready to go!  We’re back at the Cornwell Center this week too!