Are You Kidding Me, God??

Welcome to a new study…..!

This week, we’ll launch into our new book, “How God Makes Men” by Patrick Morley.  Check last week’s post to see how you can order the book and sign up to lead one or more of the ten planned lessons of this series.

Mike will kick off the series by covering Chapter 1:  Abraham: The Principle of Believing in God Anyway.  Your homework is to read chapter 1 ahead of time…..but, as always, if life gets in the way this week….still come on Friday!  You will always pick up a thing or two even if you didn’t read the chapter ahead of time.  (Just don’t make it a habit!)

Abraham is often called one of the founding fathers of Biblical history.  What made him so great?

Well, as we’ll see this week, Abraham is not a whole lot different than you and me.  Maybe more so to some than others…but still, he was a flawed man among flawed men.


God presents Abraham with three significant tests, and we’ll discuss all three this Friday.  Key your reflections ahead of time to the three questions at the end of the chapter on page 17:

  • What is God calling you to trust Him for that makes you say, “Are you kidding me, God?”
  • What was the operative principle in Abraham’s life according to Hebrews 11:8, 11, and 17?  And how did this principle play out in the three tests for Abraham?
  • Which of these three tests are you currently facing?  How is God showing you to believe in Him anyway?

Good stuff!

See you on Friday at the Cornwell Center.  Gather at 7:30 am.  Mike kicks off the lesson at 7:45 am.