Henry Ford was onto something…..

Or was he?  Actually, Ford (the company), had a motto years ago that read, “Quality is job one….”.  Even our author this week talks about it, in reference to his father-in-laws actions along an auto plant’s assembly line.  This week, our homework is to continue on in our first section of “Act Like Men” by reading chapters 6 (“Truly As Good As It Gets…“) and 7 (“Disneyland Quality“).  These two chapters fit nicely together as MacDonald discusses “what is perfection” and “what (and who) seem to be perfect” is not always the case.

Jon Pascal will lead this week as we tackle the key points in the chapters.  Short reads, once again, and great questions to consider at the end of each chapter.

See you in Fellowship beginning at 7:30 am this Friday at The Cornwell Center!


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