Moved by the Spirit!

Ever wonder where that phrase came from….”moved by the spirit”..?

Honestly, for me, it’s one of those phrases that I never stop to think about “where” it started.  But now, after reading this week’s chapter in our study, it’s becoming pretty clear to me of the origin!  Up until this point in our study, our author has been leading us down a path of what WE need to be doing in our lives to “act like men”; to be quality men.

This week, in Chapter 8, you’ll see how God has provided us a partner in our lives to help keep us on track!  I won’t spoil the ending….and hopefully you already know who that partner is in our lives….

Instead, let’s rely on Jon Paschal, this week’s leader, to bring the message to us and share Chapter 8’s key points.  Chapter 8 is your homework as we wrap up the first section of the book:  “Let Your Partner Take the Lead“.  We’ll wrap up section 1, “Act Like Men”, and lean forward towards section 2, “We Watchful”.

Quick reminder that we won’t meet next Friday since it’s Thanksgiving week.  Section 2 will start on Friday, Nov 30th for Chapters 9-10.

See you this Friday for Chapter 8 at The Cornwell Center.  Gather at 7:30 am….Jon will kicks things off at 7:45 am.


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