Being Strong…!

New section of our series this week called “Be Strong“.  If you’re like me, you probably immediately thought about physical strength.  The author, ever-so colorful, opens up chapter 25 with a visual of ESPN’s World’s Strongest Man competition.  But, truthfully, as MacDonald goes on to say, “being strong” is not about how much you can bench press, stairs you can climb, or the number of Ironman triathlons you’ve finished.  How so?

I won’t give away the entire messages for this week’s homework, chapters 25 and 26.  But our author is very real and somewhat graphic as he explains men’s downfalls when it comes to sexual impurity.  And at the end of the day, MacDonald says we don’t need to be strong enough to battle these urges that all men face.  We only have to lean on Jesus who is the ultimate “strongest man” of all time!

Good stuff this week, men.  Jason Schubert will lead us in the discussions.

Gather at 7:30 am.  “Buckle up” by 7:45 am.  Cornwell Center location.


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