“What’s Love Got to Do With It…..?”

Who else goes back to Tina Turner whenever you hear the question….”What’s love got to do (with it)…?”  Admittedly, I do!  High school, I believe.

This week, we’re launching into our final section of the book.  For the next 8 chapters we’ll be discussing the theme “do everything in love”.

I was thinking today about something.  If I were to ask you, “Do you love what you do?”, you’d probably start telling me the good and bad about your job, right?  But what if I were to ask, “Do you love…..<pause>……what you do?”.  How would you then respond?

The difference between the first and the second questions is subtle.  I would argue, however, that the second one, when the paused in placed, asks more of the question of “do you LOVE whatever you are doing….?”

John Ramey leads us this week as we tackle chapters 33 and 34.  Lots to unpack this week, so come early, enjoy some fellowship starting at 7:30 am, and get buckled in by 7:45 am, ready to go!


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