Too Much Junk in the Trunk?

Love this week’s topic from Chapter 8 of the 4:8 Principle.  “Junk Proof Your Mind”.  Our author does a great job discussing how we’ve convinced ourselves to make wise choices when we go on a weight loss binge.  But do we do the same to remove the “junk” that’s cluttering our mental diets?  Probably not as much.

Great chapter as you read along.  There are several practical strategies designed to protecting our minds and bringing about more positive inputs.

Ernie Meland steps up this week to lead the group!  Meet at the normal time, normal place….7:30 am at The Cornwell Center.

Reminder that next week (Friday before the long Memorial Day weekend) and we are not planning to formally meet.  We may gather for an optional breakfast for those who are in town.  More on that this week when we gather.