Gospel Law: Bad News and Good News

This week’s lesson, (Lesson 4), dwells on the “legal” side of the Gospel.  Our author explains the conflicts between what he calls “legalism” and “license”.  However, both legalism and license are destructive to the gospel (p. 36).  Here’s a key point that serves as the baseline for this week’s lesson:

“To avoid these pitfalls (of the destructiveness of legalism and license), we must understand the biblical relationship between law and gospel.  In a nutshell, here’s how God designed it to work:  the law drives us to the gospel and the gospel frees us to obey the law.”

Confused yet?

Not to fear.  Our fellowship this Friday will be led by Jason Schubert, also one of our resident attorneys by trade!  This is a great chapter.  Short read with a big message!

Gather same time, same place.  See you beginning at 7:30 am at The Cornwell Center.