Who’s Tom???

Really enjoyed our fellowship at The People’s Market last Friday with the men who joined.  Special “thanks” to my good friend, Scott Rigsby, who joined us to share is personal testimony of triumph over tragedy.  I’ve heard him speak many times and I always leave with new nuggets of wisdom.  Last week was no exception!

For those interested in Scott’s book that he mentioned, you can find it on Amazon at this LINK.

Looking ahead for our next study, quick reminder that we’re off this Friday due to the Labor Day weekend.  We’ll meet again on Friday, SEP 6th to start our “re-look” at Twelve Ordinary Men…or what I affectionately refer to as “TOM”.

I’m looking for men to sign up to lead any of the weeks for this study.  Please sign up at this LINK.  As always, the expectation is that weekly leaders put the ball in play….the group tends to take on the lesson once you get things rolling!

Enjoy the week off.  I’ll see everyone on the 6th at The Cornwell Center!



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