It’s a Wrap…..Time for Fellowship!

This week marks the end of several things….FMMF Charlotte, related:

Hopefully you’ve read the final chapter in our current study, Hidden Christmas by Rev. Tim Keller.  In this last chapter you’ll find Keller’s summary of the book, through the eyes of God’s grace, the promise of salvation, the endless possibilities of fellowship with the Father, and the lesson of Jesus’ impact through ordinary means.  Hopefully, your study of this book has put you into a unique Christmas “spirit” like never before!  Thanks again to Jon Paschal for recommending this study.

This week also brings the end of another calendar year….and a wonderful year of study for FMMF Charlotte.  Whether you’ve come for just a couple weeks, or have been a weekly attendee, FMMF welcomes your contributions, your questions, your commitments.  So, let’s take time this week in simple “fellowship” to honor each other and honor what we’ve learned this year.  As a reminder, this Friday’s FMMF will be in Uptown at The Community Matters Cafe, 821 W. 1st Street, Charlotte, NC 28202


We have a table reserved for 10 people at 7:45 am under “Lenhart”.  

I look forward to seeing you Friday morning, gathering in fellowship!


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