New Year….New Study Series….?

Happy New Year, gents!  We’re back on track this week, after a well-deserved holiday break for the past 2 or 3 weeks.

We’ll gather this Friday at The Cornwell Center.  Here’s the good news…..”no formal homework“!

Can I get an “AMEN“!!??

Instead, please bring your study series ideas to share with the group.  Our goal is to set the course for our next study series by the end of this week’s fellowship, as well as have a good backlog of two or three more to tackle down the road.


We’ve had a few brought up already just prior to the holiday break:

-Find a good book of devotionals.  Assign one devotional each week, with someone leading the discussion.

The Gospel According to God by John MacArthur

Sticky Faith: Everyday Ideas to Building Lasting Faith in Your Kids (NEW) by Kara Powell

-Pick a book of the Bible to “deep dive” and study

So put on your best selling cap for this Friday…or perhaps come to take it all in.

See you this Friday, ready to go at 7:45 am.  Mike will facilitate this week’s discussions.


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