Big changes coming…..Starting Friday!

New year.  New study series.  And “new” name!

Friday Morning Men’s Fellowship (FMMF) – Charlotte, will transition over the next few weeks to a new name…”Starting Friday“.

What is “Starting Friday“?  After 3+ great years of alignment with Leadership Ministries (out of Atlanta), we are making the decision to focus on growing our Christian footprint here in the “queen city”, Charlotte.  Much of our focus will remain the same, strategically speaking….aligning men to a relationship with Jesus Christ.  However, from a tactical perspective, “Starting Friday” will focus not only into fellowship, but also service, community, and family.  All aligned back to Charlotte.

More to flush out over the next few weeks….our initial discussions will begin this week….starting Friday!  The website branding and functions will evolve over the next couple weeks.  Please be patient during this transition!

Mike will kick off the new series this week, “Don’t Waste Your Life“.  Homework is to read the intro and chapter 1.  Don’t have the book yet?  No worries….show up anyway!

Again….it’s all …. Starting Friday!


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