Oh, to be Single again!

Out of the gate, let me clarify that, this week, by “being single” I am not stating any regrets in my marriage!  Don’t start any rumors…..amen??!!  Keep reading…..

This week, we’re studying Chapter 3 of our study series, “Magnifying Christ through Pain and Death“.  And for once, I’m going to give away the punch line to this week’s message:

Being single….means focusing on the cross, the resurrection; what our author calls, “the burning center of of the glory of God…..”.  Still further, Piper writes:

“…every enjoyment in this life and the next that is not idolatry is a tribute to the infinite value of the cross of Christ….and thus, a cross-centered, cross-exhausting, cross-saturated life is a God-glorifying life–the only God-glorifying life!  All others are wasted….”

Now I’ve given away the punchline….the dead-aim, beady focus on SINGULARITY.  Not in companionship….rather in glorifying our Creator.

Heavy stuff…and if you come on Friday only citing the focus I’ve outlined above, then you’ll miss out on a really, really great chapter!  Luckily, if life and work and family get the best of you before Friday, our leader this week is Jon Paschal.  Boom!  Now there’s a singularly focused dude!  

See you on Friday at The Cornwell Center.  We’re locking the doors at 7:45 am….so don’t be late!   Kidding…..sort of….!


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