Saddle Up!

Has anyone watched the series, “Yellowstone”, starring Kevin Kostner?  My wife and I are hooked on it!!  Just finished up season one….started season two….and hoping to eventually catch up to the current season three.

Kostner plays the role of John Dutton, a wealthy cattle ranch owner in Montana.  Oddly enough (for this post), Dutton is not a believer in God, although at times when he’s in despair, he calls out to our heavenly father for help.  One of his famous quotes is “I’ve seen too much bad in my life to believe God exists….”.  Dutton’s life is filled with tragedy; the loss of his wife to a horse-riding accident, and his eldest son who was shot over a dispute of indian tribal territories.  Dutton cries out: “God…..damn you for leaving me!”

This week begins another “horse story” for our group, “Run with the Horses” by Eugene Peterson.  Homework this week is a tall drink of water… the first four chapters.  Yikes!  If you’ve been consumed by work, family…and oh yeah, this pandemic … and you haven’t done the homework, no worries.  Join the Zoom call anyway.  At a minimum, please read our scripture for this week, Jeremiah 1:4-19.

You can always find the homework for this 6-week series on the Resources Tab of the website.

Join the Zoom call at 7:30 am ET this Friday to “catch up” with the group.  I’ll kick off this week’s lesson at 7:45 am ET.  Details for the Zoom call are sent out in a calendar invite to everyone already.


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