There’s No Place Like……Home?

I’m especially excited that Rob Miller has agreed to lead us this week.  Aside from his promise of “nuggets of knowledge”, Rob brings a certain degree of passion into his lessons.  He might tell us otherwise, but there’s something about his persistence these last couple years of our men’s group meeting that is certainly commendable.

Persistence” is part of the focus for this week’s lesson.  Longer reading assignment, Chapters 9-11… be sure to carve out a little time to knock that out.

The scripture lesson is Jeremiah, chapter 35.  Here, we’ll learn about a nomadic tribe called the Recabites.  There’s a stark contrast between the Israelites devotion to God and a similar level of devotion from the Recabites.  Here’s a hint, however.  Don’t fall into the trap that one group’s actions is better than the other.  Instead, try to understand the better qualities of each and come prepared to share how those can apply to us today.

The Recabites, nomadic by nature, don’t have a place to call “home”.  Some would argue that the Recabites travel around from place to place, taking their tents up and down very frequently, because their “home” is in the house of our heavenly Father.  More on that this Friday!

You have calendar invites for the Zoom meeting.  Gather with your coffee beginning at 7:30 am ET so we can “check in” with one another.  Rob will lead us beginning at 7:45 am ET.


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